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Application Packet

Application Packet

The application packet (including rules and what to bring) is eight pages total. Parents please review and make sure children are clear on all rules for Camp. Our goal is for all to be safe and to have a good and spiritually enriching time!... Read More >




The Convent of Saint Nicholas is a women’s monastic community organized in May 2009 with the blessing of Metropolitan Agafangel (Pashkovskiy) of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

Located in upstate New York, in the diocese of Archbishop Andronik (Kotliaroff) the community strives to bear witness to traditional Orthodoxy and provide a setting for young and old to learn more about their faith.

We are grateful to God for granting us this opportunity to conduct a life of prayer in a peaceful setting and for providing a suitable location for the establishment of a cemetery and church for our faithful, where they may visit and participate in the worship services of the monastics.

Services are conducted in English and Church Slavonic. All are welcome.

Convent of Saint Nicholas

24 Tynan Road

Cleveland, NY 13042


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The sisters invite you to visit the convent to join us in worship or to help us with the work of preparing our new property, monastic cells, kitchen and chapel.


The articles in our library may be helpful to those seeking to learn more about the monastic life and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.