Archbishop Sofrony provides uplifting visit during Convent Work Week

June 16, 2013
September-October 2013
September 12, 2013

The St Nicholas Convent Work Week proved to be an extra special one with the surprise visit of Archbishop Sofrony of St Petersburg who was able take time from his trip to the United States to be with us for two days. Vladyka uplifted us spiritually in celebration of the liturgy on St Marina Day and provided a worthy example of Christian life in his action with his constant good spirits and willingness to help in any endeavor joining the youth as they volunteered their time this week to help with necessary maintenance around the Convent grounds.

Vl Sofrony with Fr Daniel and Fr Anthony

Only 43 Archbishop Sophrony held an informal gathering with the young people and gave a powerful account of his years growing up under Communism and the trials and insults he endured both in school and in the Army because of his open devotion to his Orthodox faith as a young man.  As with many it was the piety of his grandmother that gave him such a strong Orthodox faith. From the sober, calm and prayerful way Vladyka served and the spiritual depth of his words on the meaning of prayer it is evident that the good bishop gathered much honey from his pious grandmother.

Following Vladyka Sophrony’s visit the week continued with Father Daniel Meschter and matushka Irene ably guiding the activities for the next couple of days. And of course no one went hungry with matushka Sasha Dobrorvanov busily, but unobtrusively working away in the kitchen each day. Nice weather allowed us all to be busy every day with chores around the Convent but time was still made to prepare properly for Confesssion and Communion and everyone’s full participation in the services to mark the feast of St Seraphim.

Fr Nikita Grigoriev joined us on Thursday evening and Friday morning providing a welcome conversation around the bonfire and a pleasant end to the week.

We thank all those who participated for the great help they gave to the Convent. We are grateful for all the  necessary maintenance work done on the Convent property: the windows are so clean now!, no weeds can be found in the vegetable garden, the garage has a new cement driveway and there is plenty of wood cut in the shed to get us through another upstate New York winter.

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