The Repose of Abbess Serafima

Abbess Mary of the Gethsemane
June 30, 2012
Monasticism in the 21st Century by Mother Ephrosynia
June 30, 2012

The Repose in the Lord of the Spiritual Mother of the True Orthodox Christians of Bulgaria
Abbess Seraphima (1913-2004)
A Contemporary Great Righteous and God-loving Amma in Christ
On the Eve of All Saints, 2004, a virtu-al giant of the Orthodox resistance, MotherSeraphima, the revered Abbess of the Con-vent of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God, in the Knyazhevo district of Sofia, Bulgaria, reposed after a short illness of little more than one day. Mother Seraphima(Liven), 90, was born in Moscow on November 16, 1913, into a prominent Russian family.
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