The Convent of Saint Nicholas of Myra is a newly-established women’s monastic community organized in May 2009 with the blessing of Metropolitan Agafangel [Pashkovskiy] of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Located in upstate New York in the diocese of Archbishop Andronik (Kotliaroff), the community is presently composed of three nuns who have had long experience in convents of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

The sisters are grateful to God for granting us this opportunity to conduct a life of prayer in a peaceful setting and providing a suitable location for the establishment of a cemetery and church for our faithful where they may visit and participate in the worship services of the monastics. Services are conducted in English and Church Slavonic. All are welcome.

“Our religion is founded on spiritual experience, seen and heard as sure as any physical fact in this world. Not theory, not philosophy, not human emotions, but experience.”

St. Nikolai Velimirovic